About us

Who We Are

TeeTotal was founded in 2020 in Brighton, UK.

We know that a lot of people express themselves through clothing and we saw an opportunity to do some good with that.

We recognise the day to day challenges of individuals who battle with maintaining their mental health, and wanted to build a community where people felt free to express themselves, and most importantly to enforce the fact that they are not alone. 

We have incorporated lots of fun, vibrant imagery and messages throughout our line, and we donate a proportion of our sales to mental health charities each month. 

We’re highly committed to customer satisfaction, and go out of our way to make sure you walk around vibin’.

Fight Through Every Storm,
The TeeTotal Team x

A Few Words About

Our Team

Dedicated to making the world a better place one tee at a time.

Hannah Quli

Founder & Operations Manager

Chey Lee

Founder & Creative Designer

Amber Quli

Founder & Communications Director